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Luxury Dog Accessories - Dog Clothes & Designer Pet Accessories

For the dog who wants it all and where the distinguished doggies shop!

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Which is Better? Dog Harness or Collar

If you can fit more than two, it's too loose.

The Harness

The harness is a bit of a chore to figure out and buy. They will have a weak neck and an adventurous attitude. Use a harness for a puppy or a sick dog, otherwise stick to col read more...

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The World's Greatest Fakes - CBS News

Fake prunes," says Lewin. The workers, mostly from rural provinces, make a few bucks a day and don't have the slightest idea that what they're doing is illegal. One example: Pfizer's popular drug, Viagra, a favorite among Chinese counterfeiters. read more...

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Arnold Palmer, golfing great, dies

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